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Heart of Darkness = Серце темряви / Joseph Conrad. — К., 2015. — 174 с., тв. пал., (ст. 20 пр.).
артикул: 73327
Heart of Darkness = Серце темряви / Joseph Conrad. — К., 2015. — 174 с., тв. пал., (ст. 20 пр.).
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Автор: Joseph Conrad

Видавництво: «ЗНАННЯ»

Рік: 2015

Сторінки: 174

Обкладинка: тверда

Вага: 148 г.

ISBN: 978-617-07-0317-0

Формат: 70х90 1/32 (кишеньковий розмір)

Частина тексту

Conrad, Joseph

Heart of Darkness / Joseph Conrad. — Kyiv : Znannia, 2015. — 174 p. — (English Libra­ry).

“Heart of Darkness” is one of the most recognized and profound works by the outstanding English writer, Polish emigrant born in Ukraine, Joseph Conrad (1857—1924). From the pages of the novel, before the reader’s eyes there arrives the sailor’s, steamboat captain’s narration about the journey to the banks of the Congo, full of reticences and, at times, even innuendoes. It is essential that the nature of Africa appears in the novel as an individual character. The meeting with this world, the possibility of glancing at it from the point of view of the colonists and the colonised enables the main character to assess in quite a new way the darkness which peeps out from the dense jungle and to see it in the souls of the white people who claim themselves the bearers of civilization and culture.


UDC    821.111

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